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Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die Strucked Lapel Pins
Die-cut pins are a popular way to bring visibility to your business, associations, clubs, events and festivals. Their jewelry-like look and feel also makes them a good way to celebrate special achievements (e.g. in sports) and for giving recognition at special occasions (e.g. Birthdays)
Die-cut pins are stamped, not painted. The metal plate is struck into a mold. After the pin has been stamped, it is removed from the metal plate and polished to remove any rough edges. It may also be sandblasted for a stylish matte finish. Finally, the pin is polished to a beautiful shine, giving it an elegant jewelry-like look and feel. All pins can be fitted with various clips and made into custom tie pins, earrings and cuff links.

Promler Free Design Service
Die Struck Lapel Pins Proof

We provide free design services. You just need to have an idea for your die struck lapel pin and our professional designers will provide you with a free design proof.

Metal Colors
Lapel Pins Metal Colors
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  100 200 300 500 1000 3000 5000
3/4" $1.77 $1.55 $1.24 $1.07 $0.85 $0.66 $0.29
1" $1.82 $1.74 $1.36 $1.03 $0.85 $0.70 $0.42
1-1/4" $2.31 $1.95 $1.42 $1.10 $0.96 $0.83 $0.42
1-1/2" $2.45 $2.06 $1.60 $1.30 $1.16 $1.11 $0.56
1-3/4" $2.74 $2.35 $1.90 $1.53 $1.50 $1.43 $0.73

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