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Custom Lapel Pins

Die Struck Lapel Pins
Die-cut pins are a popular way to bring visibility to your business, associations, clubs, events and festivals. Their jewelry-like look and feel also makes them a good way to celebrate special achievements (e.g. in sports) and for giving recognition at special occasions (e.g. Birthdays) Die-cut pins are stamped, no...  Read more

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins
The soft enamel lapel pin is one of our most popular models. The pins are manufactured with a custom mold, punching the desired shape on the metal. The pin shape is then painted by hand using enamel paint. Each pin is then put into an oven at 450 degrees, which produces a shiny and longlasting color coating. Eac...  Read more

Printed Lapel Pins
Printed lapel pins allow maximum flexibility in design. You can freely design the shape, size and colors that you need. The entire pin surface can be printed, leaving no metallic edges. Screen printing allows the pin to completely match your logo and branding guidelines. Other pins require colors to be separated by ...  Read more

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